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Necesaary Galentine’s Tribute!

A Galentine’s Day tribute to the ladies of my life in one sentence:

Ele - Our carpool brought us closer together, and bootcamp got in our heads, but you’ll be in my heart (AND WEB SERIES) always, my early-rising, ambitious and talented GALENTINE.

Dani - I wish to be as strong and powerful as you are because you’re a wonderful, wise role model and friend with killer hair and cheek bones and you’re only a baby still, HOW?!

Haley - I’m here for you always like you are here for me, 1,000%, thousands of miles away, at the click of an oftentimes snarky though hilarious click of SEND.

Alice - My baby girl role model with the brains of a 100 year old shaman, I admire the crap out of you and will forever have your back wherever you decide to go.

Erin - My pal and support system from many miles away, even though I don’t see you as often as I’d like, I laugh at our inside jokes and know that you are watching this specific rerun of Friends that I am currently watching and I LOVE THAT AND YOU and you’re doing wonderful things with your life DOES IT FEEL GOOD?

Xana - JAMBO but also I believe in soul mates because of you and you know this because I tell this to you constantly, but I mean it when I say that I will Peep Joust with honor this spring.

Lorenza - You’re the reason I love a lot of the TV that I love, that I have gotten the confidence to show people my writing, and the reason why I got my bras resized and I love you for that especially.

Alex - The best thing to come out of that Anthony Green concert besides was the music was our friendship, and I am really grateful that we’ve gotten to feel so many feelings together/save each other’s lives.

Rati - You are a comedic powerhouse and co-producer of the best art I’ve ever made, and I’m proud to have my name attached to yours, but more proud at how much BBQ we can consume because holy crap, it’s a lot.

Chelsea - You are a heroine every single day to so many sick people, but you’re a heroine in my heart for teaching me about holding on to your beliefs and values even though it’s not cool to do that anymore.

Kelly Burke - Thank you for always being there with wisdom and comedy on-hand at the drop of a hat and also JAMBO GODDAMMIT.


JJ - Lady of miles away, I’m sorry I could not make that road trip with you, but I know that you understand what it’s like to make sacrifices to do what you love, and I admire the risks you are taking in your life to accomplish your dreams LOVE YOU.

Amber - LADY OF MY LIFE, I can’t ever eat nutritional yeast because of you, and I thank you so much forever, I love you.

Jackie - I miss you everyday and one of my biggest regrets is not calling you more than I should have during your illness, and I’m sorry I wasn’t there to remind you of the good times during your bad times. I’m breaking the one sentence rule with you. You are the best friend I could have asked for, and I learned about true friendship from you. You went from being my boss to being my best friend, and I kind of saw it coming because we both really love the same hot actors. You were the fiercest woman I knew, and I’m sorry that you never found your true love and had a family, which is that I think makes me the saddest because you deserved that and more. But I hope that you’re out there helping me find my dream man and then in some way I’ll get JGL to do a tribute to you at some point because you deserve it.

Dayna - Even though I make fun of you a lot, I really admire that you work so hard on your health and body, and I hope that I can be that dedicated to anything ever.

Isabelle - You are the funniest child in the city, and a fierce lady already because you take zero bullshit but know how to dish out sass like a pro, which doesn’t worry me but makes me very excited about what you’re going to do with your life.

Mom - I can’t thank you enough for everything you help me with on a daily basis, and I love that we can laugh so much at the stupidest things because that’s what we’re best at and I love you more than anyone in the world I AM GROWING UP TO BE JUST LIKE YOU AND I AM 100% ECSTATIC ABOUT IT.

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